PicPeg™️ LED String Fairy Lights

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  • Bright Illumination with a low power consumption
  • Creates a warm atmosphere
  • Each Fairy Light has a uniquely transparent clip
  • Brightly Light up your memories and easily hang them anywhere 
  • Portable
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Give Your Memories a Glow 💡

Photograph Fairy Lights are designed to give your memories a warm glow for you to display around your home. Each individual fairy light is a clip that illuminates your photographs and gives your room a beautiful look and a comfortable warm feeling.

You can hang them around your bed, in the hallway or any room you feel needs an inviting glow. These are great for adding a charming festive accent to your holiday gatherings. Hang them up on the patio or in a tent or even at a wedding!

Ideal for cherishing your special memories shared with friends or loved ones. Hang cards, artwork or any other lightweight item on display. 

Our Fairy Lights make for a very popular gift, fitting for any holiday; Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Day or for a no reason at all kind of day!

  • Three different lengths
  • Warm white colour
  • Battery Operated 3 AAAs (not included)


Update: Due to overwhelming demand, we are officially running low on stock. Make sure and place your order before we run out.

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